“Be A Leader … Not A Follower”

Who Are Increase the Peace

Increase The Peace was founded in 2008 by the current Charity Director, Delroy Ellis, when he gathered a group of talented local musicians and artists together who wrote and recorded a CD consisting of ‘anti-violence’ tracks. The CD was such a hit that even HMV stocked it …. and that was the point Increase The Peace was born!


Increase The Peace as a charity has evolved over the years, partly from funding restraints, but primarily because the requirements of the young people have changed hugely over the past decade.


Increase The Peace used to run weekly youth clubs in Gloucester, but as times and resources changed they made a decision to change their strategy and concentrate their efforts and finances supporting young people in three key areas. This decision was made to make sure that the support we offered would have a stronger impact for the young person, their family and the community as a whole.

The three areas that Increase The Peace focus on are:

– One-To-One Mentoring Service For  Young People.

– Impact Anti-Knife & Crime Workshops For Young People.

– Outreach Support Within The Community For Young People.

By partnering with the Police, Local Authorities, Schools, Colleges, Pupil Referral Units, Charities, Youth Organisations, Youth Sports Clubs & Associations, Increase The Peace know they can make a difference to a young persons life for the better.


The professional, experienced and qualified ITP team all have an great understanding of the challenges that the young people are facing making them the perfect people to support them to make better decisions.

The primary objective for the ITP team is to work with young people to support them in making a positive future for themselves.

Our Management Team

About Our Charity Director

Delroy Ellis is now a well respected member of the Gloucester Community and a local figurehead when the subject of young people is under discussion, however this was not always the case.

Delroy grew up living with his mother who was no longer with Delroy’s Dad. Excluded from school, Delroy got involved in petty crime, committing robberies and began selling drugs as well as taking them. Delroy was, by his own admission, a ‘bad boy with challenging behaviour’ when he was growing up.


Delroy was fortunate enough in 1996 to be chosen to visit Jamaica on a Youth Exchange Programme funded by Price Charles. When Delroy’s father heard about this he asked Delroy to bring back some photos of his family who were living out there. Although Delroy didn’t see his father often, he agreed and when he came back he visited his father in Bristol and took the photos for him.

As he left his fathers home that day, his fathers parting words to Delroy were ‘Just promise me whatever you do in your life, become a leader not a follower’. Four weeks later Delroy’s Dad passed away from a drug related illness.


These words and his fathers death had a huge impact on Delroy and working too make the right decisions he decided to get involved with the Princes Trust, and the rest as they say is history. An internship for the Princes Trust led Delroy to become a Youth Worker at Star 66 before setting up Increase The Peace, with the help of a lovely lady at the Council called Pat Dabbs who supported the charity for many years afterwards.

Delroy has been working within the charity now since 2008 and remains as positive and passionate about Increase The Peace as he was on its very first day.


Delroy says the charity is there to give young people hope.

Some of the young kids we work with don’t have their mum or dad on the scene. They’re in foster care, in and out of the system. We just want to give them an opportunity to know there are people out there who care, that we can try and steer them down the right path rather than going down the path of crime and drugs.

We’re not about cure,  we’re about prevention. If we can prevent young kids from going down that road of crime and drugs, give them somewhere safe that they can express themselves in an environment with professional people who are going to support them and give them advice’

We are extremely proud of Delroy and what hew has achieved. He really is a people’s champion!

About Our Charity Manager

Berni Buchanan is our charity Mum, and the glue that holds everything together at Increase The Peace. When Delroy comes up with ‘another’ great idea it is then passed to Berni to make it happen.

A mother of three Children, and a grandmother too, Berni looks after the day-to-day running of the charity, organising events and calendars, liaising with partners, dealing with enquiries and managing the finances.

Berni is an incredible people-person and is always rushing around at 100mph with a smile on her face.

Without Berni’s energy, passion and people skills Increase The Peace would not be where it is today.


Thank you Berni. You are a true superstar!

During our journey Increase The Peace have lost some very special people to us. We will always remember them with love.

Zac Evans

Cain Westcarr

Jess Anderson

Dolton Powell

Hollie Gazzard

Ramarni Crosby

07974 435 624


Registered Charity No.1153861

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